Wednesday, 1 February 2017

What I Think About Secondary School...

Hi internet fans!

I'm actually sick today and only just managed to get out of bed to do this post! Today I'm going to talk to you about what i think of going to secondary school! I'm currently in year 6 and doing SATs 😧 But I think I'll manage to get through it.... Anyway, here are my thought's on secondary school:

1. Bullying.

I am a bit scared that year 11's will bully me, is that bad??


I love the feeling of waking up to a new day to spend it with a complete new friend! I wonder if I'll have that "connection" with them?!?


I'm not normally scared about tests but when pressure is put on me I start to panic a bit.. It might affect my scores. Maybe..

4.Social life.

I might not have that ,much time to post which will be really annoying. But that can't be helped. I will hopefully keep you guys updated with my Pinterest (click here) and Instagram.(Click here)

5.Home life.

I think I will sleep a bit more... That's okay! Right? 😊

Fin. That's all for now Unicorn lovers! BYE!!! xx

DB ;)


  1. Could u plz put the link to ur Insta?

    - Winter @

    1. its in the text in brackets after Instagram x


  2. HannahsLittleCornerBlog6 March 2017 at 09:05

    Dont worry. School can be rough but it's all worth it. I'm currently in year 7 so you can message me on instagram if you have any questions about it :) xox

  3. okay HannahsLittleCornerBlog! Of course I will! thanks! x