Saturday, 20 May 2017

This Post Is For My Holy Cat

This is me... When I was 8... I know, I look AMAZING!

And I'm with my cat: Coco, here's a few facts about her (And all the bits in-between)

  • She's 3 in human years, making her 21 in cat years.
  • Her breed is a mackerel tabby.
  • Her fav thing to do is pretend that I'm a fish human, who gets attacked every 3 minutes...
  • She is the best thing that ever came into this world. And I love her for being herself.
  • She's such a cute cat:

That's SOME facts about my cat, as I'm in a rush to finish this :) But I hope your all having a lovely weekend! 

Lots of πŸ’–


Thursday, 18 May 2017

What's On My Bedside Table

Hello fellow Cloudlins! How are you? Today I'm doing a blog post with Amelie, her blog is amazing and you should DEFINATLY check it out!(😊

  • So this is a cute rose gold heart, where I put some of my earrings and badges, so I can just grab one incase I want to use them. 

  • This is my little Oliver Bonas picture frame, I personally LOVE IT. I also have a Soap & Glory body shimmer cream and PINK 'wild at heart' body mist. 

  • I have an alarm clock that tells the date and time, which is really helpful in case I forget something on that day! Then I have a lamp shade (obviously, its really boring so I won't go into detail)

  • Then I have a drawer, everybody has those type  of unused drawers πŸ˜… 

  • In the draw I have a pack of adorable tissues, some Skinny Dip earphones and a makeup bag (I got it for my birthday, but I don't know where its came from)


That's pretty much everything on my bedside table! This is a collab with one of my BBF (Best Blogger Friend) Amelie, so make sure to check her blog! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I do!You might not be able to see the photos, so please in the comments tell me:

How do you make your photos keep the image on your blog?

Thanks so much for reading!

D-B xx

Monday, 8 May 2017


Hola Cloudlins! How are ya'll? I  finally got round to doing a Q&A so here goes I guess!

1.) What's your fave band/artist?

My fave band is probably.. Clean Bandit as I love their new song Symphony ft. Zara Larsson!

2.)What makes you, you?

I'm not sure if this means physically or mentally, but I'll think of it mentally, I guess my quirkiness, minty loving and everything makes me!

3.) How many pets do you have?

At the moment I have one cat and her name is Coco.

4.)Do you have any social media accounts?

Yes I do, Instagram (here) and I have 100 (more than that) followers!

5.)What is your fave sport?

My fave sport at the moment is probably horse riding (yes it is actually a sport).

6.)What is your favourite thing to draw?

My favourite thing to draw is probably realistic/still-life.

That's all today has I'm doing my SATs so I won't be very active. But I hope you have a nice week! Love you lots!

D-B xx

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

My Trip To Holland Park!

Hi fellow Cloudlins! its me, as you know and today I decided to do a post about my trip to Holland Park! YAY! it's a kind of tropical, festive, wonderful place that I think you should go to (with family or friends) and I even took about 100 photo's of PEACOKS!! YEAH, I know, in London? Really? Well, YES! on my Instagram I have (107 followers πŸ˜‰) but there are some pics of the peacock, looking snazzy with its tale feathers out!

  I like Onions.. (caption)

But here's a photo of some adorable purple plants! (I forgot their names lol)But I hope you like how it looks! (To be honest, if I do say so myself, I LOVE THE PHOTO!)

I have my phone in my hand in case you were wondering!

I hope you do visit after this, especially on a sunny day! I loved this experience and I hope to do it again!

Lots of πŸ’,

D-B x

Friday, 31 March 2017

A quick reminder

Hey guys! Yup, we failed the Q&A I was trying to do! HAHA never mind. Maybe another time...In fact, the next post can be the Q&A! PUT A COMMENT ON THIS POST WITH A QUESTION YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ME! You can even DM me on my Instagram

So please! Please ask me some questions so I can answer them for you!

Lots of love,

D-B xx

Sunday, 26 March 2017


Hey guys! I just wanted to do a spring haul today because the last few days have been really SUNNY! So here goes!

  • Sunglasses - A vital part in protecting your eyes from the sun! They also look very snazzy if you wear them with the right outfit.

  • Instax Fuji Film Camera - This is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the sun while it lasts as you can take lots of creative photograph's!

  • EOS - This is such a good moisturiser for your lips as the sun tends to dry them out! It also makes them soft and smell like lemon , mint ,strawberry eg.

  • Kindle - I like to sit outside and soak in the sun and when I sit I like to read. A lot. So a kindle is a really cute way of reading loads of books without moving to get another one! πŸ˜‰

  • Light Clothes - I love wearing easy to wear, light clothes because it makes me very comfortable!

That's all for now guys! Sorry I haven't posted in ETERNITY, it's just because I never find time to think about making posts and writing them down! I hope you don't mind! Please leave a comment with a question you want to know about me because the next post is going to be a Q&A! (I'm finally organising now! hehe)

Bye guys!

D-B xxx

Friday, 24 February 2017

A Little Thankyou!

Okay! Oh my god I literally just checked my Pinterest ( click Here ) AND I FRIKKEN GOT 100 FOLLOWERS! OH MY GAWD!!!  Thank you for all your support and I am eternally forever grateful! I now have been asking people to at least help me get to 50 followers on Instagram! (Click Here)  Please can you follow me! Thanks so much it will mean SO much to me!

That's all for now! BYEEE! LOVE YOU GUYS!


D-B xx

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Pinterest Ideas For Your Bedrooms!

Hi guys! Today I'm going to put some Pinterest bedroom ideas on this post, because I have had a spark of quirky ideas for my room and I really want to show you! And you never know! It might come In  handy!

ideas for teenage girl bedroom - Google Search:

painted mandala rocks:

                                                                    α‘­Iα‘ŽTEα–‡Eα”•T: TIα—©⭐️:

teenage bedrooms | Tumblr Reminds me of Tris's tattoo in Divergent... Would love this for my room:

That's all for now!!! Thank you guys!

lots of ❤

DB x