Sunday, 30 October 2016

A trip to Kenwood house

As you all pretty much know it is Autumn. In some cases Halloween!To make my Autumn very detailed , me, my mum and two brothers made a trip to Kenwood house. I am so grateful I did that because 1) I got a very good blast of fresh air. 2)I got more into the Autumnal season.3) I loved to see all the red's,yellow's, brown's and dark greens on the tree's.
Lots of you are probably thinking, when did you do this?Well, I did this outing near the start of the half term holiday. So there's not really any point going there now! (Whoops, probably should of done this post straight after we went to Kenwood)But there might still be a chance of you being able to see it.
Anyway, I got some really good shots so you can see how I felt. It was like I had stepped into a movie!

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Now you can see what I mean.My adventure in Kenwood was an amazing one.This became one of my new favourite places, because I love listening to the squirrels eating nuts, berry picking. Autumn has to be my favourite month, because it's just an amazing season to have! And there's nothing quite like conkers and crunchy leaves!

                                           Hat from H&M 

                            Coat from H&M
                                           Baggy black trousers from H&M

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