Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas fun!

As you all probably know, Christmas is here, well has been here. :) For me,  Christmas is my favourite time of year - get ready for cringyness- it's a time of year where family's come to join together for a reunion of happiness and loving where you tear down the stairs on Christmas morning with a breathless face and you search underneath the Christmas tree and find all the present's and smile for the rest of the day. -Cringy overload! Hehe! Probably the best thing I got is so much love from that one day I felt like crying. But in a good way!;) We all had a wonderful time and got so carried away with watching Christmas movies -my all time favourite xmas movie is "It's a wonderful life"- She got soo caught up (My mum) That she burnt the Christmas pudding! It tasted like charcoal.....

Anyway, Lets not get too carried away.
So that's all for now! :)

Love, D-B  ♡

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