Sunday, 23 April 2017

My Trip To Holland Park!

Hi fellow Cloudlins! its me, as you know and today I decided to do a post about my trip to Holland Park! YAY! it's a kind of tropical, festive, wonderful place that I think you should go to (with family or friends) and I even took about 100 photo's of PEACOKS!! YEAH, I know, in London? Really? Well, YES! on my Instagram I have (107 followers 😉) but there are some pics of the peacock, looking snazzy with its tale feathers out!

  I like Onions.. (caption)

But here's a photo of some adorable purple plants! (I forgot their names lol)But I hope you like how it looks! (To be honest, if I do say so myself, I LOVE THE PHOTO!)

I have my phone in my hand in case you were wondering!

I hope you do visit after this, especially on a sunny day! I loved this experience and I hope to do it again!

Lots of 💝,

D-B x

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