Monday, 8 May 2017


Hola Cloudlins! How are ya'll? I  finally got round to doing a Q&A so here goes I guess!

1.) What's your fave band/artist?

My fave band is probably.. Clean Bandit as I love their new song Symphony ft. Zara Larsson!

2.)What makes you, you?

I'm not sure if this means physically or mentally, but I'll think of it mentally, I guess my quirkiness, minty loving and everything makes me!

3.) How many pets do you have?

At the moment I have one cat and her name is Coco.

4.)Do you have any social media accounts?

Yes I do, Instagram (here) and I have 100 (more than that) followers!

5.)What is your fave sport?

My fave sport at the moment is probably horse riding (yes it is actually a sport).

6.)What is your favourite thing to draw?

My favourite thing to draw is probably realistic/still-life.

That's all today has I'm doing my SATs so I won't be very active. But I hope you have a nice week! Love you lots!

D-B xx

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