Wednesday, 25 November 2015


                                                           Hello, World!
Hi guys! I'v decided to start a blog. I'm so exited I can't stay still for a second. I'm like a can that's been shaken and is now exploding. I have been dying to start this blog for ages and yet her I am typing away on my computer. *sigh* well that's life for you definatally not a fairy tell. (Only if you believe it is a fairy tale, then you can tell me wrong!)Anyway back to business (again) My anonymous user name is called: D-B basically Daydream-Believer and I will not call anyone by their proper name so if you find me naming something/someone a really weird name please forgive me. For anonymous reasons, I tell you.  

Ok,well I guess thats it for now.Thanks for reading (if anyone has actually been reading!). And let me now what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I guys its the lovely DB please follow me i'm really looking forword to all the nice things in life (including my blog!)