Wednesday, 25 November 2015



                                                      Winter is coming!
Hiyas, it's D-B. Today I thought I could talk about Winter and Christmas, Even though it isn't even December people are starting to put x-mas adverts on and all things like that and decorations (talking of decorations I can't wait to put mine up!)  so I've decided to make a wonderfull, snowy list of things you just have to do in Winter.ENJOY!

1.) Build a snowman.

You just have to build one when it snows it's like a Christmas tradition!

2.)Hot chocolate.

Everone has to have one of these! Now that's what i'm talking about!

3.)Making Snow angels

I love to make these amazing snow angels.So magical!

4.)Cuddling a soft, warm blanket on your bed.

Yep, sure doing this one!

5.)reading a book on your bed.

I loke to just relax whenever I'm readig a book!

   That's it for now! Bye guys!Thanks for reading!

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