Thursday, 26 November 2015

How to make delicious Banana and Biscuit ice cream

Hiya my jolly, good friends!For todays post I'm going to make....A delicious Banana and Biscuit ice cream. (YUM!)I can't wait to eat it myself. (not from the computer screen cos that's literally impossible)But anyway, you must be bored from all my rammbling so lets tuck in shall we?

What you need:

Soft Vanilla ice cream

3/4 biscuits (you can choose witch ones though I'd probally have Digestives) 

A Banana ( you don't really need a knife )


Firstly, Bash up your biscuits with a rolling pin, and put the biscuits aside.

Secondly,Take two scoops of your Vanilla ice cream and put them in a bowl mix them a bit until it's nice and stretchy.

Then, grab a banana ( Remember to ask a parent for help in case you need a knife)and peel it and cut it up.

Finally, get your biscuits and  bananas and plop them into the bowl with the ice cream.

thank you for reading and try this at home IT IS SO YUMMY!


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