Saturday, 26 March 2016

DIYs for your bedroom!

DIYs (Do It Yourself) is a great way to create something without paying for it! (Well, maybe the resources)But anyway, let's get are glue guns and get started!..

1. Fairy lights in a bottle. These simple instruction can make quite a difference for your room, it gives it a romantic, shabby-chic, magic style to your bedroom/house.

Resources:Fairy lights-you can get them from anywhere really like           Etsy. 

          Jar with lid- it needs to be a medium/big sized jar so           you can fit all your fairy lights in it!

What you do: First of all, you get your jar and open the lid. Then you put the fairy lights in ( you can adjust them to how you want) DONE! FIN! Well done.- You can keep your jar lid on or off, your choice).This would of been $21.50 in Etsy,and sold out...

Fairy lights in mason jar or candles in them for table decor?:    DIY Wine Bottle Lamps | Cheap and Easy Decor For Bedrooms by Diy Ready


Cute clock! And you could use any symbols and words on the would be relevant to your life! Great idea.:

7 Upcycled DIY Ideas to Decorate a Tween or Teen Girl's Bedroom! Lots of cool ideas. Like this for document storage on a bookshelf.:

here's an idea for shelving with character: box frames.:

How cute would this be in my daughters room hanging over her bed with with tulle draped over it. It would double as the canopy and reading light. practical-crafts I love this..:

Clothespin Daily Organizers | 23 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know | Easy Organization Ideas for Bedrooms:

Twig Candle Holders - 40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself:

Fun and Easy DIY Projects for Girls Bedroom Decor | Jar of Dreams by DIY Ready at

Cute DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teens - DIY Bedroom Projects for Teenagers - DIY Photo Frame Tutorial:

You'd Never Guess This Townhouse Was Decorated on a Budget: The Everygirl takes us inside Katie Taylor's Austin, TX, home — it's a bargain hunters dream abode.:

Beach Decor Seashells Coral and Starfish in by SeashellCollection by Shopway2much:        cute quirky bedroom interior ideas students

Cute DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teens - DIY Bedroom Projects for Teenagers - Mason Jar Fairy Lights:

Find out how to make small succulent gardens that look amazing and take only a few minutes! Easy, affordable, delightful to look at and hardly any maintenance needed.:

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed and tell me down below in the comments if you try any of these.

D-B XX  

Random thing: For those times when true love seems too lost to ever be found ♥

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