Saturday, 26 March 2016

Story inspiration

Here's some cool story inspiration in case you want to write an amazing story!

  • "Don't come out.Don't come out.Don't come out." I rocked back and forth as I covered my eyes , begging for him to stay in the mirror .I had looked in there too long, and that was how to summon him ."Please ,just leave me alone. I don't wan't you here." The tears soaked into my hands as I covered my face.Then I felt a hand on my head." Oh,no," I whispered. I heard his laugh,the one that I would have once called sweet and seductive.

  • She was gone.They'd taken her away from me.I made a promise to myself that if they dared to hurt her ,they'd be dead the next morning.

  •  Every touch of hers made me feel bad.It was like she inspired my mean attitude to show itself.She made me show the worst parts of myself and there was no going back.So I showed her my good parts.

  •    "Ow." Kyle coughed,turning his head slightly to get a look at the smiling Willow.She coughed and slowly sat up."I've never loved explosions so much."

  •   "I'm going," she said," I'm going anywhere but here. I'm doing anything I want .I will drown in my own sorrow if I wan't or I will march into the sun if my heart wants it."

  •   She sobbed as she watched her home burn down along with the only family she had left.Her heart ached for them to appear unharmed from the fire but she new she was asking too much

  •    " Great. Couldn't they of chained me to anything else. A porcupine would be better company."

  •   Pyrra sat in the common room, gently stroking her owl,      Bellafron.She didn't notice her friends looking at her concerned. "Pyrra, are you alright?" The girl didn't answer ,just stared dejectedly at the wall.

  •   He pinned me to the ground.I tried to scream but his hand covered my mouth. "What are you doing out here by yourself?" He whispered,smirking. I stared up at him terrified.And then everything went black.

  •   Her eyes were older than they should have been allowed to look. Older and more tired. But still, the gun was steady in her hands.

  •    I sat there , magic was outlawed years ago. Did I care? No. The kids loved it, so they'd come to this alleyway everyday just to see it. I've  almost been caught dozens of times. I knew others used magic, but none did it boldly out in the open , like me.

   Chessie stared at the key in her hand, then shifted her stare up to the large brass door then back again. Nothing for weeks,and suddenly, there was a note and a key on her bedside when she woke up. (Talk about cryptic.) Slow as can be, she raised the key to the lock.

Sorry, guys but that's all there is for today! I hope your story's are going well. Comment down below if these helped you. 



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