Saturday, 20 May 2017

This Post Is For My Holy Cat

This is me... When I was 8... I know, I look AMAZING!

And I'm with my cat: Coco, here's a few facts about her (And all the bits in-between)

  • She's 3 in human years, making her 21 in cat years.
  • Her breed is a mackerel tabby.
  • Her fav thing to do is pretend that I'm a fish human, who gets attacked every 3 minutes...
  • She is the best thing that ever came into this world. And I love her for being herself.
  • She's such a cute cat:

That's SOME facts about my cat, as I'm in a rush to finish this :) But I hope your all having a lovely weekend! 

Lots of 💖


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