Thursday, 18 May 2017

What's On My Bedside Table

Hello fellow Cloudlins! How are you? Today I'm doing a blog post with Amelie, her blog is amazing and you should DEFINATLY check it out!(😊

  • So this is a cute rose gold heart, where I put some of my earrings and badges, so I can just grab one incase I want to use them. 

  • This is my little Oliver Bonas picture frame, I personally LOVE IT. I also have a Soap & Glory body shimmer cream and PINK 'wild at heart' body mist. 

  • I have an alarm clock that tells the date and time, which is really helpful in case I forget something on that day! Then I have a lamp shade (obviously, its really boring so I won't go into detail)

  • Then I have a drawer, everybody has those type  of unused drawers 😅 

  • In the draw I have a pack of adorable tissues, some Skinny Dip earphones and a makeup bag (I got it for my birthday, but I don't know where its came from)


That's pretty much everything on my bedside table! This is a collab with one of my BBF (Best Blogger Friend) Amelie, so make sure to check her blog! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I do!You might not be able to see the photos, so please in the comments tell me:

How do you make your photos keep the image on your blog?

Thanks so much for reading!

D-B xx


  1. Your bedside table sounds awesome!
    However, I can't see these images on a phone or laptop x


    1. Thanks, I do keep a lot of care in it! But I will ask mum to help me, do you have any tips?? I would love to here them if you do xx

      DB x

    2. I would. But it would be hard to give any tips when I can't see the pictures �� :(

    3. Ok, but I meant from your blog, do you have any photo tips that you found helpful for you? Thanks any way :)