Tuesday, 12 January 2016


It's a new year everyone! *Fist pumps* So I thought today I could blog about my new year resolutions.I thought I should only to four so that I can actually accomplish them. Because some people set themselves loads, and I mean LOADS of new year resolutions and never atchief them. Or at least some...
Anyway lets start!!!!

1.)To write more blog posts.

2.)Be myself as much as I can because sometimes yourself  is the best you can be.

3.)look at things in a different way. Not upside down but just look around me and get more ideas...

4.)Think positively and have good vibes because we all that the sun WILL come out tomorrow. ( I hope we all do)

That's all. I do have some other ones but I can't really have loads other wise I won't be able to accomplish them all.I think everyone has to take just  one step at a time for now even  if you  have to go on my tiptoes, you still have to make the steps.Well this is a new start so I'm exited about this!I was thinking if this is a new start it means new chapter in life even (maybe) re-decorate my room. I have know idea what the future may hold I just hope it's good...



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