Friday, 15 January 2016

Laya's story

Here's a little story I made with my imagination.Hope you enjoy it!

I took a step towards the beautiful mare gazing upon me. She took my breath away, I so desperately wanted to touch her. Ride her.Tame her.I new I shouldn't do this because it'll spook the horse away and I probably wouldn't be able to find her then.

Suddenly the mare looked startled,like she had seen a ghost.Slowly I walked forward so I was directly facing the lovely mare,and bent town all most like a bow. She instantly bowed back.I was quite happy because now I new she wouldn't at least to hurt me.As she ducked down  gently she sniffed me with her nuzzle as if she wanted to say "give me food!" Luckily I had some polo's from when I went to the supermarket with my friends. I quickly put out my palm with the white Polo on it.She looked at it curiously for a moment before scoffing it down.

She suddenly, looked up and gave a loud whinny as if to say there was something behind me.But before I new it she had galloped of and left me alone standing on the green field.

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I hope you like my story! comment what you think about it.

Cheerio! :)


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