Tuesday, 29 December 2015

                          How to be Kawaii (Step-by-step guide)

Here is a adorable guide on how to be Kawaii! Olong the way you might find some quick tips. So let's grab our cute Plushies and do this thing!

Firstly, you need to have a long search in your wardrobe to see if you already have some Kawaii stuff. If you do then put them into a section of your wardrobe or take all the clothes that you don't want and put them somewhere. So you CAN always find them if you don't want to be Kawaii anymore . If you don't have any Kawaii clothes then go to some Kawaii shops and buy some clothes if you wan't to.

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Then, you need to buy some accessories to go with your cute clothes.For example:Necklaces,bracelets,bows,watches and hair-bands.You can buy whatever accessories you wan't.
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Next,you can buy some new shoes. (Only if you wan't to.) But if you already have a pair of gorgeous shoes then...TADAH! your shoe job is done! Though if you wan't to you can buy an extra pair of sweet shoes.

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After that, you can buy some toys or as some people say... Plushies!There just too CUTEE! I have 7 already and I'm planning on getting some more!Oh, that's just reminded me of something. I have an Instagram account called;ROSESEAHORSE and if you look on Instagram you will see some of my Kawaii things.

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Finally, you can re-decorate your room if you wan't to and enjoy YOUR adventure into the world of cuteness. 

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Here's a little tip:Don't listen to the people who think your weird by dressing your own way just think that they  wan't to dress like you.

Well Sayonara translate goodbye in Japanese!

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