Sunday, 20 December 2015


                             Winter Wonderland

IT'S NEARLY WINTER!I am just sooooooo exited I can't wait.If my calculations are right... there are 4 more sleeps until Christmas Eve!*Fist pumps*.
I'm going to do a Winter-Wonderland fashion style and were going to do...A Mix and Match clothing item thing.ENJOY!

Image result for candycanes

Image result for boots

Image result for winter jumpers

Image result for Hair in plaits

Image result for winter leggings

Image result for wooly socks

That's all for now. Sorry for you guys but I might not be posting for some time, because it's the winter holidays and I wan't to spend some family time at Christmas, so sorry if you don't here from me for ages.Though if your lucky I might do some posts.We'll see.Well BYE,BYE!

Image result for candycanes

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