Friday, 4 December 2015


sorry guys but I won't be able to post for a long time,SORRY!!! But as soon as I have a chance I will!

So I thought I could talk about animals...

I read an article lately about how we humans now think of animals as food,  you get what I'm saying?
Because we (some people) think of animals are here to feed us and were supposed to eat them. Instead of taking them for friends and souls we think of them for us to eat. Personally I think that this is sooo wrong and not like humans at all. I'm really upset about this because I am an animal lover and really think that this is horrible and I wan't this to change.

Thanks for reading and I hope you agree with this too!:)

Love You All So Much! 

D-B offline (Not forever)

P.S:I think all animals are beautiful. ( RANDOM!)

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