Monday, 28 December 2015

                                    Kawaii Stores!

Hi my good friends! Today I thought I could do a blog post about Kawaii toys and websites to by them on.So ENJOY!

Here are some of my favourite shops. So here you can look and find them!

TofuCute =

Blippo Kawaii shop =



Suger SPICE and all things Kawaii=

Kawaii Gifts= 

Kawaii Shop Japan=


Cutie Pie Kawaii=

Daiso Japan=

Top Cute Kawaii Harajuka fashion=


Kawaii Pile=

Kawaii Shop=

So that's JUST some of my favourite shops... But if you don't like them then just search up: Kawaii shop's online and it will show you some other results. I hope you liked these! Feel free to search them in..! :)

Image result for kawaiiI might go here...

Image result for kawaiiPlease like this share some love!

Image result for kawaiiFrom now on I wan't to be Kawaii!!!!!!!!!

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